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Photography Open Calls & Contests: Paid Entry Fees

The last blog post mentioned up and coming deadlines for free to enter photography contests and open calls as a way of promoting your work and reaching a wider audience. This post will be following a similar format of competitions that that students and early career photographers can enter but have a small entry fee.

The first being the Prix de la Photographie, in Paris, known as the Px3 photography competition. Aimed at promoting an appreciation of photography and discovering new talent, the Px3 contest holds two awards for students and non-professionals. The first being an award for best new talent where applicants are asked to submit their best work for a $2000 cash prize, their work published and the Px4 annual book and exhibited in Paris. The second award is based on the category winners, where students can submit work within the categories of advertisement, books, fine art, architecture, portraiture and more. This award, holding a $250 cash prize with an exhibition in Paris. To apply to either of these awards for Px3, you must submit your photographs by May 15th. There is a $20 submission for a single image, or applicants can submit a series for $40.

Like the previous competition, the Neutral Density Photography Awards are holding two separate awards for students and non-professionals. With an aim of presenting valuable work to audiences across the globe, the awards offer publications on the front page of their magazine and cash prizes, applicants can be awarded gold, silver, and bronze awards for their submissions. The first competition presents the winner the title of ND Discovery of the Year, a $1,300 cash prize and a month feature on the front page of their magazine. The second award is based on submitting work into different categories including architecture, fine art, nature, and people. The winner is titled ND Category Discovery of the Year, earning a $300 cash prize and a weekly featured in the Neutral Density magazine. To be considered for either of these contests, the deadline is September 19th, with an entry fee of $20 for a single image or $25 for a series of up to 5 images.

As a bi-annual competition, the Passeparout Photo Prize, translated to ‘master key’ this contest aims to help open doors to emerging photographs by promoting the work of lessen known artists to a broader audience. With the contest being open themed, it allows artists to submit work of their own style and is not limited to any technique or medium. There are several different awards available for this contest including the main prize of $500, an exhibition prize, catalogue prize and several sponsored prizes. Whilst also offering the opportunity for all participants to be selected for their annual collective exhibition and catalogue. Entry fee for this contest is 18 EUR for 3 photographs to be submitted by July 26th.

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